SES Case Study


The Problem:

A leading brick manufacturer was experiencing severe build-up in their mixer wet hoppers. The concrete mix was sticking to the hopper walls disrupting production. Operatives regularly agitated the encrusted material using a rod or impacting the hopper with a sledgehammer, this action caused damage – allowing product to build-up behind the liners and cause the hopper to become damaged.

Matrox lined hopper

Our Solution:

The hopper was lined with Matrox Premium grade UHMW polyethylene, bolted in using 10mm countersunk set screws.

Improvement achieved:

BEFORE: Mild steel plates – constant build-up, cleaning aggressively on a regular basis.

AFTER: Matrox Premium – minimal build-up, smallest amount of cleaning if any at all, no damage to hopper.


Benefits achieved:

Efficiency – consistent flow of material from hopper

Productivity – production line availability increased

Maintenance – vastly reduced, easier to clean

Safety – Lightweight liners, confined space work time reduced

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